Founded by Manny Lalo, the company was incorporated on January, 1997. The different phases of company's business are resultant to the celerity of its Team to adopt to the changes in technology, swift and decisive grip on new opportunities as they present themselves and agility to ride on the waves of the economy. These are the skeletal objective of A-Tech Inc. for business expansion.

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About the founder of A-Tech Systems Inc.
Manny Lalo earned his Master's Degree in Computer Science from Jefferson University (formerly Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science). He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering from University of the City of Manila. Mr. Lalo is a recognized and established software developer and electronics engineer, who has worked extensively, with multi-national companies, like INTEL, SONY, TANDY, CIRCUIT CITY, Omni Logistics and BASF in many project areas of computer and Internet Technologies.
He is currently focused on Web Application Development, Web Integrations, E-Commerce and Microsoft Turnkey Solution Provision and Support.