Digital Camera, Camcorders, Betamax & Video Repair
"We take pride being recognized as the real reputable camcorder, betamax and high-end video repair specialists by our customers and dealer clients. Certifications, trainings, lengthy experience are our prime credentials. Our well equip service facility is our next, because having the appropriate tools for the job is the other half of the battle for those who understand the nature of the servicing precision electronics.

And because of these, we do it right, we do it fast, and we do it for less (Professional or Consumer end). So as our customer's usual compliment; "A-Tech Team are the Men."

Digital Cam, Hi- 8mm, Full Size VHS and VHS-C and even Beta camcorders (All Standards). Serving all brands such as Sony, Nikon, Ricoh, Minolta, Yashica, RCA, GE, Panasonic, Quasar, Sharp, Canon, Hitachi, Magnavox,JVC, and others.
"I'd rather find someone local"
For most and average camcorder owners; it's a good reason, but for the few sharp ones, it's best to find the company who can do it right and well.

With A-Tech, you go first class simply because going second class in many cases will cost you dearly.
How can I have it service by A-Tech?
...As simple as 1-2-3.
  • Create a Service Order Online .
  • Fill up the online Service Request Form (e.g. Customer contact, return shipping, and problem description), submit to get a Service Order Number from our online service management system.
  • Print, Cut the shipping destination, stick it on your package, enclose the form and ship your equipment to us at a low cost and safe manner using USPS, Fed-Ex or UPS. Link or call 1-800-PICK UPS to arrange UPS to pick up your package.

You may check the status of your equipment at your leisure from our Web Server once we receive it or you may call (215) 693-4909.
Shipping Address Information:
Camcorder Repair Depot
c/o A-Tech Electronics Inc.
25 Vulcan Road
Levittown, PA 19057
Our regular service turn-around is 5 to 10 days as condition permits. (Shipping normally takes 3 to 7 days one way via regular UPS ground)