Using contacts

An essential part of conducting business is maintaining contacts, such as customers, suppliers, and vendors. Many users store contacts in several locations, including a paper address book or a Rolodex. These methods might work well for telephone contacts but are insufficient in a world that uses e-mail. Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 enables you to store and access both shared company contacts and personal contacts by using Microsoft Office Outlook®  2003.

Storing contacts

Since you are using Outlook for your e-mail and calendar, it is convenient to store and access contacts online. Co-workers are listed in your Global Address List (GAL). You can add personal contacts that are not visible to your co-workers, and you can add contacts that you can share with them. Personal contacts are stored in your Contacts folder; shared contacts are stored in public folders. You follow the same steps to add either type of contact.


Sending e-mail to contacts

You can send an e-mail message to a contact you have listed by creating a new e-mail message, clicking To, and selecting the name from a list; or, you can right-click the contact in either your contacts folder or public folder, and then click New message to contact.

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