Remote Access

Working offline

Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 helps you work offline by enabling you to use shared network files and programs even when you are not connected to the network. Once you set up your client computer to work offline, you can continue to work on shared network files as you normally do.

When you are working with offline files, you can view them in your Offline Files folder and delete them from your folder. You may also want to specify how and when your files are synchronized, or you may want to encrypt your offline files. Click the following tasks for more information.

View your offline files

When you select a file in the Offline Files folder, information about the file is displayed, such as its availability, type, location, and size.

Delete your offline files

When you delete files from your Offline Files folder, the network versions of the files are not deleted. You can choose to delete only your temporary offline files or all of your offline files.

Manage file synchronization

When you set up your computer to use offline files, you can select an option that enables Windows Small Business Server to perform automatic file synchronization for all of your offline files. Or, you can use Synchronization Manager to control which offline files are synchronized, when they are synchronized, and whether you are prompted before synchronizing your files.

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