Remote Access

Using the Remote Web Workplace

The Remote Web Workplace enables you to connect to your Windows® Small Business Server network remotely from any location with an Internet-enabled computer.

Read my e-mail

When you are in the office, you typically use Microsoft® Office Outlook®  2003 to check your e-mail. When traveling or working from home, you can check your work e-mail remotely by connecting to the Internet or directly to your company network. You can use a Web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer) to open a Web-based version of Outlook 2003 called Outlook Web Access.


The following is a partial list of what you can do using Outlook Web Access:

Access the desktop of my computer at work

Choose this option to connect to the desktop of your computer at work. Choose your computer from the Computer Names list, and then click Connect to connect to your work computer.

Remote desktop connections enable you to access your computer at work as though you are sitting in front of it. However, you cannot save data to the computer that you are using to connect remotely.

Use my company’s shared application

If there is a server on your Windows Small Business Server network that is configured to share applications, you can click Use My Company's Shared Application to connect to it and access that shared application. Typically this is an application that a number of users in your business share (for example, a business application unique to your type of company).

View my company’s internal Web site

As part of Windows Small Business Server, Windows SharePoint™ Services provides your company with an internal Web site where you can share information with your co-workers. Your SharePoint-based site includes shared document libraries, announcements, events, lists, and links.

Document Libraries. Your team can use document libraries to share and review content in a collaborative environment. There is also a shared fax library where you can view faxes (or any file with a .tif extension).

Shared Announcements. You can post your news on the Announcements page and place your five most recent announcements on the home page. You can set an expiration date for announcements on the home page.

Shared Tasks. On the Tasks page, you can list the responsibilities of team members and indicate progress. For example, three users working on different parts of the same project can view each others' progress toward a shared goal.

Online Document Review. Online document review is useful when more than one user needs to review a document. Each reviewer can add comments and view others' comments. The author has all the comments collected in one place and can more easily modify the document.

Discussions. The Discussion area represents your company newsgroup. Discussions are a good way to share information or reach consensus on low-priority issues.

Alerts. You can be notified whenever changes, additions, or deletions occur in document libraries or lists.

Users can choose to receive notifications when:

Users can set the notification frequency to:

Surveys. You can create surveys to gather information from your users. You define the questions and how users can answer them.

Custom Lists. If none of the predefined lists fits your needs, you can create a custom list and define the columns and type of content to display.

View server usage report

If you have run the Monitoring Configuration Wizard, and the user has permission to view usage reports, users can click this link to see the latest server usage report.

Connect my remote computer to the network

Choose this option to install Connection Manager on your home or laptop computer. Connection Manager automates the process of connecting to your company network. Connection Manager can be used on all supported versions of Microsoft Windows and across any type of connection (such as through a dial-up modem).

Download Connection Manager if you want to connect the computer you are currently using to the Windows Small Business Server network to download or share files and access network resources.

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