Internal Web Site

Using the internal Web site

As part of your computer network, Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 provides your company with an internal Web site where you and your co-workers can share files and other information. This site is based on Windows SharePoint Services. It is available at http://companyweb/ and as a shortcut called My Company on your Favorites menu in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Your company's internal Web site looks similar to other Web sites. For example, when you open the site, you see a Quick Launch bar on the left, which contains shortcuts to commonly visited areas on the site, and a navigation bar on the top, which is available on all pages you visit.

However, unlike how you use other Web sites, you and your co-workers can contribute to this site. For example, you can add links and announcements, add and review documents, add your vacation dates to a company calendar, and even submit a request to a Help Desk if you have computer issues. For more details, click Features.


Document Libraries. You can use document libraries to share and review content with your co-workers. There is also a shared fax library where you can view faxes.

Picture Libraries. You can use picture libraries to share photographs with co-workers.

Help Desk. You can use the Help Desk to submit and track computer issues. The person responsible for the network has a central place from which to resolve these issues.

Vacation Calendar. You can use the Vacation Calendar to record your vacations and other time off from work.

Shared Announcements. You can post your news on the Announcements page and place your five most recent announcements (with expiration dates) on the home page.

Online Document Review. Online document review is useful when more than one person needs to review a document. Each reviewer can add comments and view others' comments. The author has all the comments collected in one place and can more easily modify the document.

Discussions. The Discussion area represents your company's internal newsgroup. Discussions are a good way to post questions, share information, or reach consensus on lower-priority issues.

Alerts. You can receive e-mail notices whenever changes occur in documents, document libraries, or lists.

Surveys. You can create surveys to gather information from your co-workers.

Custom Lists. If none of the predefined lists fits your needs, you can create a custom list and define the columns and type of content to display.

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