Your Network

Working on a computer network

If you are not connected to a network, you can only access files on your hard disk and print to printers connected to your computer. When connected to a network, you can access all network resources, such as network printers, shared folders, and your company's internal Web site.

Logging on and using passwords

To access resources on your Windows® Small Business Server network, you need a user name and password. Typically, the network password is different from the user name or password that you use to log on to your computer.

You might be required to change your network password periodically, usually every six weeks. Do not write your password down, post it near your desk, or give it to a co-worker. If people know your password, they can use it to access private company information. It is your responsibility to protect your network password.

Your password should be:

Accessing and sharing files

On a Windows Small Business Server network, you can access and share files from several locations and in several situations:

Managing the network

The network typically is managed by a computer consultant. This person might designate an on-site user to handle day-to-day administration. If your company does not use a computer consultant, the company owner or a designated user might manage the network. It is important to know the name of the person responsible for the network so that you can escalate computer-related issues.

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