Remote Access

To connect remotely using Connection Manager

Configure your home computer

  1. Insert the Connection Manager floppy disk (provided by the person responsible for your network) into the floppy disk drive of your home computer.
  2. Click the .exe file to start Connection Manager Setup.

    If your computer does not have all the components that Connection Manager requires, click Yes when prompted.

  3. After installation is complete, double-click the Connection Manager Profile icon on your desktop.
  4. On the log-on/connect screen, click Properties.
  5. In the Connection Settings dialog box, click the General tab.

    For an analog modem or ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)device

    1. Click Phone Book, and then click Modem or ISDN.
    2. To view a list of dial-up numbers, click the name of a country (or region) and state.
    3. Click a local dial-up number, and then click OK.

      Repeat these steps to configure a backup phone-book entry.

    4. Click OK to return to the Connection Manager logon screen.

    For a Broadband or direct network connection

    1. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet.
    2. In the Properties dialog box, select I am already connected to the Internet.
    3. Click OK to return to the Connection Manager logon screen.

Connect to the Windows Small Business Server network from home

  1. Type your user name, password, and logon domain.
  2. Click Connect.

    If you are making an Internet dial-up connection, Connection Manager then dials the Internet, verifies your logon information, connects to the PPTP server listed, and verifies your password.

To view status or to disconnect, right-click the Connection Manager icon.