Internal Web Site

To review a document online

  1. Open your company's internal Web site.

    Your company's internal Web site should appear when you open Internet Explorer. If it does not, click My Company on the Favorites menu.

  2. On the top navigation bar, click Documents and Lists.
  3. Under Document Libraries, click the document library that contains the file you want to review.
  4. Using the mouse, pause on the document you want to review. To the right of the title, click the arrow, and then click Discuss. The file opens with a discussion bar on the bottom.

    If the discussion bar does not open: On the View menu, point to Explorer Bar, and then click Discuss.

  5. Create a discussion, read discussion comments, or reply to comments, as necessary.
  6. Close the Discuss toolbar, and then click Back on the Internet Explorer toolbar.
  7. If necessary, select another document to review.

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