Cybertech DPS Service Management system
Millenium Edition for Windows

The Service Management System for the Information Age.
  • Expand your Service Coverage (w/ Web Access)
  • Serve your customer better with real-time information
  • Maximize operation's Efficiency and Profitability
  • Uplift Company's Credibility with CyberTech DPS 2000

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If you're tired of losing money because of rejected claims due to constantly varying warranty requirements of manufacturer you're dealing with please read on.

There is no contention that amount of service completions determines the profitability of a service operation. The quicker a technician repairs the product the better. Diagnosing problems can take long hours at times. No doubt that technical tips is a valuable resource but sometimes add aggravations to problem due to dubious reference location and limitation of text base description.
A Picture is worth a thousand words

CyberTech Information System succesfully resolved the integration of multimedia files - e.g. pictures, audio, digital video, CBT (Computer Base Training; such as assembly and disassembly procedural programs) miniatures and text descriptions of technical problems in a form of knowledge database repository that is very flexible to track and maintain. The concept of tracking multimedia files to add dimension to technical servicing and iconic experience to facilitate repair from novice to experienced supertechnicians regardless of file size is not restricted by the computer storage hardware (media files can reside anywhere).
Simplified Billing Process

Deciding how much to charge for the repair done is a critical factor in your bottom line. Now, with one click of a button, the system automates the process of invoicing regardless of the accounts split complexities which tend to be a chore alone (example: customer pays 50% of labor, mfg covers 100% parts and ext.warr. covers the remaining). and still gives you absolute control to manually override as needed. Batch Claim Electronic Filing has been improved significantly over the previous version with additional template for Panasonic Web claim upload.
Behind the Scenes: What Makes CyberTech Stands - out from the rest of the competition

CyberTech System for Windows is not designed by just a mere programmer/developer. CyberTech is developed base on the author's lengthy experience and exposure from small (including home base) to large size Service Center facilities. Many of the problems areas associated in running repair organization concerning technical efficiency, training, systemic organization of service process including information retention, Electronic Warranty Claim Processing and proliferation of windows based graphical environment are the key revolving issues that lead to the development of Cybertech for Windows.

A-Tech Electronics Inc. Service Center operation is the premier product receipient of CyberTech System. After the author earned his MBA and lengthy experiences in Electronics Servicing supporting small (including home base) to large size repair shops, gathered all his financial resources, ideas and expertise then engendered A-Tech Electronics from the ground up. The systems flexibility and efficient handling of the operation resulted to continous growth of its professional image and satisfied customer base. A-Tech work closely with Key Prestige Inc. and Wood Technologies to develop the link to file electronic claims using "The 25 Parts Layout"

Millennium revisions brought new interesting features to the system such as "Customiseable User Menus", "Tracking of scanned documents for absolute paperless operation", "Automated Account billing of all possible COD", "Mfg. Warranty and Extended Contract account splits", "Barcoding of Work Orders / Invoices / Purchase Orders Prinouts", "Multi-location and branch support" to name a few.
CyberTech DPS is designed exclusively to help Technical, Electronic & Appliance business, service centers and technical professionals manage, organize information and streamline operation's processes efficiently and profitably. Tracking transactions from initial Service Status up to its release to customer and client.

Features and Highlights
  • Multi-User / Networkable / Web Enabled
  • Automates routine service tasks and technician assignment.
  • Find information quickly and easily
  • Scanned Document Tracking per Service Order
  • Supports Product Transfer to Multiple Branch Location

Data Security Package
  • Automatic Tech and Labor Rates base on Repair Category
  • Customizable Function Menus for every user.
  • Archiving and back-up; data import/export/conversion utilities.

Support Staff Features
  • Counter service order entry with automatic invoicing
  • Customer / Client Address - US Zip Codes linked to auto-fill
  • On screen reporting by customer, contract and repair order.
  • Field service scheduling / Road Call Planner.
  • NARDA/NESDA forms, warranty and contract batch processing
  • Electronic warranty filing (KPINS / WOODS /Panasonic)
  • Automated useage of parts inventory tracking and P/O

Technical Staff Features
  • Technician's job listings with 4 levels of repair prioritization
  • Diagnostic with symptom and repair codes, rolodex, timer.
  • Service and repair order documentation.
  • Multimedia Enhance Tech Tips with locatable data repository
  • Automatic product and parts cross referencing.
  • Parts failure tracking by product and model mapping.

Accounting and Report Package
  • Easy bookkeeping and cash management system
  • A/R, A/P, G/R, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
  • Print checks and collection letters
  • Financial, management and personnel reports.
  • Tech performance and production reports.
  • Parts and service literature inventory tracking and reports

System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000
  • CPU - 166Mhz, 16Meg RAM
  • Web Access backend: Win95/98 Personal Webserver / Windows NT - IIS 3.0 with MDAC 2.1

Web Access Module
Single User
5 Licenses Network
Unlimited Network Licenses $7,495.00

Registered CyberTech DPS Users
***Registered Users - You're invited to be a CyberTech Reseller!

  • A.A. Television Service, NY
  • A-Tech Electronics Inc., PA
  • B&B TV and Video, NJ
  • Custom Satellites Electronics, AZ
  • Electronics Gallery, DE
  • Electronic Services Unlimited, MT
  • Falcone's Electronics Service Center, PA
  • GAC Inc., OK
  • Lin's TV & VCR, TX
  • Millenium Electronics, MI
  • Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, NV
  • Mirrabooka Electronics, Australia
  • Servo Tech Electronics, MD
  • Southdade Electronics & Appliances, FL
  • Tibor's Video Service, CA
  • Treber TV Service, IN
  • Tyre TV, Australia
  • Venture Enterprises, CA
  • Video Electronics and Parts Inc.,
  • Video Works, DE