What is an Intranet? It is a secure, in-house internet on which you can post almost any information of value to your employees! This is an exciting frontier for companys wanting to disseminate information to field personnel, to reduce the costs of data exchange between locations, or to simply eliminate the need to photocopy company phone directories.
One of our current clients has remote stores that inventory weekly and place orders. Those orders are faxed to the warehouse where the information is re-keyed into the database, orders filled and shipped out to store locations, and orders for merchandise placed to vendors.

Our solution to this duplication of effort is, within the environment of a secure intranet, produce an on-line ordering facility. Each remote store will submit their orders via the internet, the order data is converted and inserted into the database which then generates an order to the vendor. The vendor will drop ship the items to the store location. With this solution, we were able to eliminate 95% of the warehouse processing costs -- it's a paperless, handless process -- while maintaining accurate accounting within the central division.
This same client needed several processes standardized among multiple facilities. Allegro prepared professional documentation of those processes, converted those text documents to HTML, placed them within the secure Intranet, and placed full user instructions at the fingertips of each employee.

Our examples display only the tip of the iceberg of possibilities for Intranets. Give us a call to discuss your ideas!