Multi-User Application Module for Alpha Five V.4
The Multi-user application module is a derivative of our flag ship CyberTech DPS Management System originally developed in VB and Alpha Five version 1 which have been receiving great praises and compliments from our valued clients running our systems in a multi-user collaborative environments. A must for Alpha Five Software Developers.

The module has been converted recently for Version 4 and above, now being offered to all interested Alpha Five software developers. This module is guaranteed to add great value (will make your systems worth a few thousand dollars more that what it is currently) and uniform functionalities to your developed softwares as it did on our CyberTech DPS System. This module help you focus more your energy on design of Field specific software.
  • Time trial  of software for client's evaluation (e.g. 30, 45, 90 Days Trial)
  • Turnkey Code Generator based on clients company name (Changing company name requires a new key)
    Security Login
User's Menu after successfull login Categorized by Functions
Here is where client's Users are entered.
Here is where user access menu is defined.
Here is where the calling global scripts for functions are defined.
FAQ -( Frequenlty Ask Questions)

Q: Does it include the runtime?

Ans: Yes, We are licensed to distribute our applications with Alpha Five Runtime so this means that you don't need to buy (or spend $399.00 for Unlimited Runtime) instead all you need to do is import your database objects (e.g. tables, forms, global scripts and etc) and it ready.

Q: Is the module well documented?

Ans: Yes, it is documented enough to get your application online fast. However, it's not modifiable for resale to other developers.

Q: Is there a limit as far as distribution licensing of my application ported to the module?

Ans: No. Upon purchase, you will be granted with unlimited licensing of the module for the distribution of your application to your clients. But not to resale the module to other developers.

Q:2. Does the product module  takes the place of the installation software that Alpha is bundling as well?

Ans: No. Files used and custom configuration is well documented but you need to have your own packaging software to use for distributing our apps. (Suggestions: PC 20/20, Install Shield, WinZip)
$149.00 - Unlimited use with Runtime