Network Services
  • Design & Administration
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) & Remote Access
  • Hardware & Software Recommendation
  • Personal Computer Troubleshooting
Design & Administration
Let A-Tech Systems, Inc. bring you into the next generation of PC networking with Windows NT versions 4.0. or 2000 Advance Server

Effortless sharing of files, printers, and other resources across your office LAN or WAN. Remote Access Client and Dial-up networking built into the operating system, so you can accomplish more work while out of the office. Familiar Windows 95 interface. Wide range of available applications, including most Windows 95 applications.

A-Tech Systems, Inc. can help you determine the best networking solution for your business, or incorporate additional network components into your existing system. Let us assist you in choosing Windows NT compatible hardware, productivity applications, connectivity software, and backup solutions.

Let A-Tech UNIX Experts help you with all of your SCO, AIX, Sun, and Linux needs. Many years of UNIX setup and Administration experience to work for you. Whether you are setting up a Database server, Web Server, or any other UNIX system function, Allegro can get you running.

All UNIX flavor Administration and design Database Design and Administration. Web Server setup and Administration-Including CGI, Web-Database connectivity, DNS and Mail server setup, Site Hosting, and Site Design. Don't let the cloudy, mystical world of UNIX get you down. Allow the Experts at A-Tech use their experience to setup you server, and administer all of your UNIX systems.

Make your employees more productive by getting those old, bulky
terminals off their desks and give them true PC power with Windows 95 or Windows NT Workstation.

A-Tech Consultants can recommend and implement desktop computing solutions which maintain your users' connection to Mainframes and other legacy systems Whether your users need IP connectivity to UNIX systems, or connectivuty to an IBM  Mainframe, Allegro can setup your desktop PC's to do the job

  • Microsoft Back Office
  • Microsoft SNA Server
  • Windows Terminal Emulators
  • WAN connectivity to Mainframes off-site
  • IP Printing
  • UNIX interoperability solutions including PC-NFS and Samba
  • Windows 95 Peer Networking

Let Microsoft Windows work for you. If your old DOS applications reqire Windows 3.1 or are too slow for Windows 95 or NT Workstation, A-Tech Consultants can help you make the most of your PC dolar with dual-boot solutions and recommendations for thin clients.

WAN and Remote Access
Let A-Tech Consultants design and implement all of your WAN and remote access needs.

  • Simple Dial-up access to your Corporate Server
  • WAN-Bridges or Routers between branch offices
  • Virtual Private Networking, using the Internet
  • Windows 95 and Windows NT High Volume Remote Access Servers

Whether your needs are simple or complex, A-Tech Consultants can design, build, and implement a remote access and WAN solution to meet your current and future needs.

Hardware & Software Recommendation
Let the experience of the A-Tech Consultants team work for you when deciding on hardware and software purchases.

  • Server and Workstation Hardware-Including recommendations for Windows NT compliant hardware and software
  • Network hardware-Including HUB's, Switches, NIC's, Routers and MUX's to meet all of your connectivity needs Desktop and Server
  • Software-Including Operating System choice and associated ramifications, productivity software, and collaboration tools
  • Evaluation of Software and Hardware for Y2K compliance

A-Tech Consultants can help take the guesswork out of your hardware and software purchases. Let us help you determine what you need to accomplish your computing goals, and save you money in the process.

Personal Computer Troubleshooting
Having trouble with your Desktop PC, Server, or Laptop? Our wide range of experience gives us the ability to pinpoint and diagnose your problem quickly, and get you back up and running

  • Corrupted files and Windows installs
  • Windows NT Server and Workstation troubleshooting
  • Hardware recommendations
  • Specific Software Package help, including interoperability issues
  • Installation help, version issues, and specific hardware troubleshooting

Whatever your problem, we've probably seen it before and can help you save time and aggravation. Let A-Tech Consultants years of experience work for you.