PrePaid Advantage
Free2Go Wireless Service
The Service that puts You in control
With AT&T Prepaid Advantage service or Free2Go Wireless service, you control your wireless spending while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of having a wireless phone. That's because you pay as you go without the commitment--no monthly bill, no credit check, no deposit, and no annual contract. Our service works on any Digital multi-network phone.

Wireless Made Easy, just buy the Box and Go
You're free to begin making phone calls almost immediately upon purchase. Simply buy AT&T Prepaid Advantage service or Free2Go Wireless service, activate your phone, add your included airtime, and begin talking!
Included in this package:
  • Motorola V2397 Digital multi-network phone, PhoneWrap™ faceplate, battery, charger, and headset
  • $25 Airtime Refill Card
  • Bonus PhoneWrap™ faceplate mail-in certificate inside
  • Welcome kit to get you talkingfast
Included in this package:
  • Nokia 5160i Easy-to-learn, one-button navigation for all of the phone's features. It's a very simple and intuitive way to realize the benefits of a digital phone.
  • $25 Airtime Refill Card
  • Weight: Less than 6 ounces (w/standard battery) Battery standby (w/standard battery) Life: Up to 3 hours 15 minutes talk time and 8 days
  • Height: 5.2 inches tall