Web Site Development and Planning
Initial Consultation

A-Tech provides consulting services designed to assist you in creating an effective and appropriate web site -- one that "fits" the image you wish to project over the web. We work with all types and sizes of businesses, from cottage industries to Fortune 500 corporations. We will assist you in forming your web goals, and then make them a reality.

At all times, your web site should company's credibility, be easy to use, and should provide your audience with an interactive experience. Our professional programmers can assess all aspects of your page development -- from graphic construction to the most intricate ASP/CGI script services, and we will provide you with a web page that brings your message to all viewers.

Site Mapping

The next step is to develop a plan, or you may choose to call it an outline, of your web site. Working with you, we will establish the key components of both artistic and functional design, create a map of those components showing the logical flow of the site, and once all of these items are established, proceed to produce your site.

You can elect to have the complete site developed at one time, or we can produce in stages -- whichever suites your budget plan. But irrespective of the production timetable, your full site will be organized allowing for planned development over time. This will save you considerable expense by eliminating the cost of unplanned changes.

Website Development cost starts from $250.00. Call us at (215) 693-4909.