Customer Service Feedback System
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Feedback Model / Serial #
Unit was over 30 years old, we sent to A-Tech Electronics and they were able to restore and save our high end vcr. Was not a cheap fix but was well worth having it restored to proper working order. We will definitely use them again for our service needs. They always keep us updated on the status of our repair and stand behind there work. Thank you again for all your hard work.
SLV-R5UC / 801420
The unit works like new. No worries now about damaging original 8mm tapes while transferring to digital format.
EV-C100 / 55659
The repaired VCR was returned very quickly. Works great. Thanks!
SD-V296 / E36Q0345KU5110
Unit performs well. Rapid repair.
EV-A50 / 16927
Great job at refurbishing these old machines, thank you for your assistance and very good communication.
EV-S2000 / none
Works like new! Fast turnaround had repaired and back home In 10 days including shipping time. Saving this contact for future repairs.
EV-S2000 / 12399
Unit is working very well. Thank you very much!
EV-S3000 / 20178
I'm very pleased with the outcome of this repair. The Hi8 VCR worked like new when I got it back. I had some questions and I emailed Manny. He replied with great explanations for my questions. I hope I don't ever have to do this again, but if I do, this is where I'll go for service.

***Question: I have a Hi8 tape that was originally recorded on my CCD-TR101 camera long ago. When I play that tape on the EV-C100 which you just repaired (and perhaps ran a tape cleaner through), I get a few audio drop-outs. If I play that tape in the camera, there are no audio drop-outs. If I understood correctly, your note and the attachment suggested that it might be the other way around - that the camera might be suffering signs of age, but not the VCR (especially not since you just revived it).

***Ans:It's typical that recordings made will playback with very little or show no issue on the same device it's made from this is because fault tolerance is very close to non-existing although the device is way far from industry standard tolerance from age, wear & tear and entropy (disorder/decay with time).

EV-C100 / Not Found
Thanks for your speedy service. Machine works great.
EV-C3 / 19067
Unit was fully restored to original condition. Everything functions to specs and couldn't be happier with the repair and turn around time was great for the amount of work that needed to be done. I thank you for all you have done and may be sending in other Sony products for repair very soon.
EV-S3000 / 15375
The VCR is now in perfect operating condition. Thanks!
EV-A50 / can't find
Another excellent job by A-Tech Electronics. Repaired and returned in a timely manner,
CCD-TRV138 / 1516367
Did an excellent repair job
HR-S6600 / 14450229
works as good as new. Took a little longer than I was hoping but still worth the wait. I would definitely recommend and use again myself
DCR-TRV460 / 1512529
You are the best! Expert work/repair in a timely manner - good pricing! Thank you - I refer everyone to you! Chief William Max Drechsel
CCD-TRV138 / 1481944
Great job unit works like new Thanks
EV-S3000 / 10652
Unit works again....Thanks!
SD-V296-K-TU / E36Q0345KU5110
8 mm Sony Camera was DOA. Manny fixed it. Returned a bunch of bad parts he had to replace. Camera works very well now. From the time I sent the unit in to receiving it back was about 6+ weeks. Id recommend including the additional charge for older cameras on the service order. All in all very happy with the service. Would use again. Thanks Manny.
CCDF55 / 185303
Received unit back quickly. It works like a champ. Have used them before, and will continue to do so if 8mm repair is needed. Fairly priced, good communication. A quality company.
EV-S1 / None
Got unit back. It works flawlessly. Very quick turnaround. Anybody needing 8mm serviced should send it to them. Very impressed. Priced reasonably, as well.
801 / 67DC700110
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