Customer Service Feedback System
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Feedback Model / Serial #
The machine works well. Appreciate the fast service. Have used the VCR almost every day since I got it back. Works well.
EV-A50 / 28558
DrSony provided EXCELLENT repair and customer services. I had him repair a 20 something year old 8mm vcr that I am using to transfer precious family video to digital format. He completed the repairs on time and the deck is working very well. His online service process is efficient and allows customers to check the status of their repairs and subsequent shipping. Really great and I would not hesitate to use his service in the future.
EV-C200 / 823297
As usual I cannot suggest improvement in your service. You are great and we appreciate your services very much... Thank you so much !!! Lew Davis WKOV/Cable channel 15 Jackson, Ohio
DCR-TRV520 / 1124324
The camera works perfectly. I have several other broken VCRs that I plan to send, as my budget allows. This is my fourth repair with "DoctorSony," and each item is still working great. I also appreciated the helpful replies to the questions I had during the repair cycle. John Meyer Carmel, CA
HDR-CX700V / 120852
Once again, Dr. Sony comes through with excellent service. I wouldn't even consider sending my equipment to any other repair shop.
DCR-TRV120 / 205135
Everything I have tested are working like new. Thanks!, John
DCR-TVR720 / 54230
Everything I have tested is working just like new. These camcorders are vital to my hobby of making DVDs of news subjects. Thanks again, John
DCR-TRV820 / 40106
Excellent service and advice. Thank you!
EV-A50 / 25142
Once again great service. Thank you for fixing this out of date camera. Question do you have any camcorder for sale. I have so many mini dvd tapes and would like a back up as I use camcorder to change all mini tapes to dvds. Thanks once again. Lee wayne Norris
DCR-HC52 / 324234
Manny, The vcr arrived safe and sound. The unit works like new and you can't even tell that I damaged the front panel. Great work. You guys are true professionals. It's great to see my old 8mm's that I have not been able to view for over 15 years!!! Thank you!!!
EV-C3 / 11272
very prompted service, I am quite pleased with the service and the advice.
DCR-TRV460 / 1466442
Manny.......I could not be more pleased with the work you do. I am so glad I found you to repair the 520's we have. Your work is terrific. More camcorders will followe for you to work on, Thank you so much for providing this service.....prompt and first rate repair. You'll be hearing more from us as the need arises.

Thank yoou again for first rate service, we appreciate your efforts !!!

Lewis Davis.....
Cable channel 15..Jackson, Ohio.,

DCR-TRV520 / 1044301
A+! Excellent job Manny!
EV-S3000 / 3-703-276-01
Everything working. Thank you.
EV-C100 / 22991
Received my 8mm video playback deck completely repaired within 10 days of sending. Had been ready to junk this unit after local video repair shop said it cannot be fixed-no parts. they even made it worse by messing up the loading mechanism. Unit works now like it was new! thank you Dr. Sony!
EV-C3 / 86771
Unit works like new! Great job Manny,
EV-S800 / AK896AEVS800
working nicely no complaints
EV S2000 / 14301
Works fine... thank you
DVR620KU / F25U 9351 KU06 10
Manny: I finally had time to unpack and test the Sony Hi-8 deck you repaired for me. It works like new, and I can finally transfer all of my hi8 home movies to the computer. Thanks for the fine work! I recently moved, and my Sony 400 disk changer (DVP-CX995V) will not start up. It's probably something simple, but I can't find much troubleshooting info on the web. I did pop the top cover, and a couple of discs were out of place. I put the discs back but it still won't load or play a disc. Is this something you can fix? Thanks. Les Freed
EV-S7000 / 10843
This was the second time this unit has been to A-tech electronics because after the first time, I knew that I had found the best repair facility for any electronics/video etc. Other, major, repair facilities that I had contacted years ago, when my D8 camcorder needed repair, told me that it was old out-of-date technology, and not able to be repaired. Dr Sony gave me those two magic words "no problem" and my Sony D8 camcorder keeps on producing beautiful vacation videos. Thanks again Manny. Harry B. Windsor, ON Canada
DCR-TRV320 / 1108229
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