Customer Service Feedback System
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Feedback Model / Serial #
Another great repair/maintenance job by Doctor Sony! Satisfaction guaranteed every time I send something for work.
SLV-R1000 / n/a
All is well camera works fine!
DCR-VX1000 / 54923
Thanks. Great job.
EV-C3 / 65944
Excellent, professional, timely service, highly recommended
SLHF1000 / 15622
Great job at repair! The unit works beautifully now. Thank you for your superb work. I will be sending another Sony unit your way. Thanks again!
GV-D800 / 14686
The DR. did an amazing job with my Walkman and I am enjoying using it on a day to day basis. Thank you for taking the project on! M
WMF-100 / 182238
I could not be happier with this service! This unit was unusable and now works as it did new. An awesome job done quickly. Thanks a lot Manny! -Michael
EV-S3000 / 18636
I am very pleased with your repair service. The turnaround time was shorter than I had expected, the cost was reasonable, and my Video8 VCR performance is as good as new. Thank you!
EV-C40 / 25450
Very fast service. Quality work on our VCR. Plays well and seems to be working great. Glad he is in business because no one where I live services VCRís. Thanks for the fast turn around.
SLV-N750 / 4A-0243272
I received the camcorder fully functional after a complete overhaul. I was very pleased with the quality of the repairs and the fact that it was done so thoroughly in such a short amount of time. As a collector, I shall be using A-Techís repair service for any future repairs on any of my vintage Sony hardware.
CCD-V5000 / 216449
Devices works well. I've been using it since early December. I appreciate how carefully the machine was packed for shipping.
DCR-TRV460 / 1354846
Unit now plays perfectly! This is the fourth unit I've had serviced here and the workmanship and communication is awesome. Highly recommend. Thank you!
GV-S50 / 1012102
Communication was good. Web site design - start, update, completion is very good. Price was slightly more than I had expected/hoped, but I don't think unreasonable. Results of service were excellent. Camcorder is working like new. Thank you, top flight serve.
DCR TRV350 / 1396298
Outstanding! Manny was very professional and honest during the entire repair process. I am impressed by his knowledge and expertise in his field. My Sony Camcorder was repaired in a timely manner especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Iím very happy with the repair as my device works like new which enabled me to transfer those precious videos of my family. Iíll be sending him another unit for repair shortly Many thanks to Manny!!!
CCD-TR91 / 27375
I appreciate you guys getting this fixed for me and priority escalation and quick response. If anything else breaks, I will be sending the items to your way.
SVO-2000 / 812786
Easy process - Very happy with results. I am so happy we found this place!
N3M260 / 98882-00001
Quick service turnaround. The issue turned out to be a bad video head. Got free replacement under repair warrantee. Thanks!
EV-C3 / unknown
Got the CCD-V701 which is basically a twin to my V800 handycam except the 700ís slightly bigger and has slightly less features than the 800 which weíre still having fun with as well as other camcorders we bought from you or had you fix. For the record I just call them 700 and 800 for short. In my opinion, itís devastating to know the 700 wonít be serviced anymore though thatís understandable considering its build quality and what all Iíve heard about it. If I need any newer devices fixed, Iíll be sure to come to you guys. Great job like always bringing this thing back to life. Iíll have lots of fun with it.
CCD-V701 / 219882
Quick repair turnaround. Manny got this deck functioning again at a reasonable cost. Many thanks!
SLO-420 / 12298
Manny is a Lifesaver, he has worked on quite a few pieces of equipment for me and has been the only person that trust with my equipment, I just wish he was a little closer to me for shipping reasons, Thanks for all you do Manny
SLV-R5UC / 807334
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